Kanaker-Zeytun Maternity Hospital
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Welcome to Kanaker-Zeytun Maternity Hospital

Dear fellow citizens,

Welcome to the official website of Kanaker-Zeytun Maternity Hospital.

Being the successor of the "8th" hospital’s maternity unit, Kanaker-Zeytun Maternity Hospital is the only one in Kanaker-Zeytun administrative district where thousands of women receive various types of obstetrics and gynecological care.

In 2017 the maternity hospital was renovated with the support of the Yerevan Municipality and today it is one of the best and leading maternity hospitals in the region equipped with necessary and modern equipment and comfortable wards.

The birth of a child is the greatest achievement of humanity and the important mission of a physician, thus the stuff of maternity hospital is ready to share its long term work experience and do its job with high sense of responsibility.

Our goal is to shape a new understanding of medical care in our patients by providing a high quality medical care and offering original and modern conditions. In addition to this, a warm attitude and professional medical treatment of our stuff will ensure a healthy generation reproduction.
I assure you that each patient will receive a friendly, professional and efficient medical treatment.
Please visit our official webpage to keep track of our latest news.

Kind Regards,
Tachat Asaturyan

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Hrachya Nersisyan St., 7/2 Building
Reception +374 10 28 51 45 +374 10 28 52 88